Trail Maintenance
Denny and I have decided that very early spring before anything grows is the best time to get out for some serious trail maintenance.  We had a number of mild days last spring so with chain saw, trimmers, and rakes we cleared out some problem areas.  In preparation of installing some new trail benches we cleared out some dead logs, pulled up multi-flora rose bushes, grape vines, and poison ivy.  Then, along the shore in several places Denny cut down some weedy trees to open the view to the lake.  The trees were felled into the lake where they will remain as perches for birds and turtles, and as underwater cover for fish. The opened shoreline will receive more sunshine to allow grasses and other food plants to thrive.  The goal is to make the wetland accessible while improving the habitat for plants and animals. 

March Bluebird Boxes
Owen McClure has been an avid birder for many years with a special interest in bluebirds. He has constructed many birdhouses but his specialty is the bluebird houses. He has installed two new bluebird nesting boxes on the small hill over-looking the wetland. The birds need open areas for ground insect feeding.  Mr. Owen not only builds and installs the nesting boxes, but maintains them as well. He will watch over the boxes for nesting activity and clean them out when they are done. We see many bluebirds around the levee and grassy lawn so we hope they find the boxes to raise their young. Thanks to the McClure family for donating their time and talent for the birds.

April Flushing Garden Club - Beneficial Insects
Just because a bug looks scary, gross, hairy, prickly, or otherwise creepy...does not mean it is a bad bug.  The message is to know what an insect is and what it does before any squishing or spraying takes place.  This alligator-looking bug is our friend the ladybug!  In this larval stage of development it will devour countless aphids and other soft-body pests to keep them under control. 

April Pay it Forward Student Volunteer Day
With post hole diggers and garden rakes our Team of Six from Tuscarawas Valley HS finished clearing brush from two spots and installed new posts for three new trail benches. The Benches are located at the new "Eagle Café" clearing, the bottom of the Wildflower Loop Trail, and under the Larch at the parking area.
The students were participating in their annual Pay it Forward Volunteer Day on Friday April. They also helped us reset an existing trail bench in concrete. With their help we were able to complete these projects on our to -do list, which meets our goal of continuing improvements for visitors.The students named the first clearing the "Eagle Café" in honor of our resident eagles who catch fish at the wetland. The new bench they installed is positioned to allow visitors to view one of the favorite perching trees at the waters edge without disturbing the birds as they devour a catch. Thanks to our Team of Six for braving the windy cold morning to complete these projects!

April Anniversary Celebration in Pictures
Volunteer Denny Lewton has been perfecting his photography skills at the wetland.  To highlight his skills and the abundance of birds and wildlife he has captured, we hosted a photography showing at the Bolivar Art Gallery, sponsored by the Wilson Insurance Agency.  The showing was in honor of our 15 years of work and discovery at the wetland. We had many friends and visitors stop in to see the stunning pictures of eagles that only Denny has captured.  He sold some of his best prints and the wetland gained many new supporters.  We are excited to offer people a place where they can enjoy nature but also enjoy a personal hobby.  Thanks to the Bolivar Art Gallery for showcasing all our local artists!

May 12 Western Reserve Carriage Ride
Each May, the Western Reserve Carriage Association holds an annual carriage ride through the streets of Zoar.  It is a competition of horsemanship, showmanship, and agility as the carriages maneuver through obstacles.  In 2013, The Zoar Wetland was included in the circuit much to the delight of the participants. The drivers had to maneuver around a series of cones and then follow a circuit through the woods on grassy trails which were blanketed in spring wildflowers.  The addition of the wetland added a new and exciting route for the carriages and we anticipate their return.

June Installed New Shore Dock
If you have been to the wetland in recent years you know there are only a few places to get really close to the water.  Whether you want to cast a pole, launch a canoe, or just peek at the schools of small fish near the shore, it has been a challenge to do so in comfort.  That changed in 2013 with the generous donation of four shore dock sections from Dean Olivieri of the Olivieri Construction Co.  We added some hardware and a couple volunteers and the whole dock was installed in one day.  Now, visitors can get right up to or into the water with ease.  The sturdy dock is perfect for a comfy lawn chair on a sunny day.  We are very happy to offer this for our visitors and hope that it gets many years of usage.    

July Zoar Explorers Half Day Camp
We had a hidden object scavenger hunt on the trail for our little day campers.  They were sure it was going to be too easy at first, until they actually started hunting for the objects.  We had placed nonsense items such as a comb, a piece of pipe, old keys on a ring, silver chain, and a variety of other random items all along the trail in nooks and crannies.  The hunt turned into competition to see who could collect the most items.  It was fun to hear the kids helping each other or strategizing on where the good hiding places were.  They never did find the coil of brown extension cord and its funny, neither did I...and I hid every item.  We spent the rest of the morning walking the trails until they found this little bench with the stunning view.  They also spent some fun time splashing in the water that had risen enough to cover the new dock.

July Zoar Explorers Day Camp & Huff Run Summer Day Camp

The second week of Day Camp is for older students so we spent some time practicing birding using a field guide and pictures of birds common to the wetland.  It was fun to see them learning how to use the guide and naming birds when quizzed. 

Oct 6 Kayak Poker Paddle
The wetland is perfect for canoes and kayaks...and early October is generally mild enough to be out...and who doesn't like a friendly game of 5 card we planned our first Kayak Poker Paddle and invited the public.  We set three launch times for people to choose from and their entry money went into the 50/50 pot so there could be a winner each launch time.  Our volunteers set up 5 stations around the wetland, with Denny being the one floating kayak station, and participants could paddle out and draw a card from each station.  The dealer would mark on a printed sheet what they drew and a panel of judges would determine the winning hand .  We also had someone on hand to demonstrate a new inflatable kayak board that you stand on as you paddle.  Kynsey Wilson was brave enough to try it out and she managed to not fall in.  We hope to again host this event in the future.

Aug 21 - Eclipse at the Wetlands 
Local event at the Zoar Wetlands included the rare viewing of the Solar Eclipse.  Fun time to see the eclipse and view nature with friends and family!


Thank you to Chris Clark Welding for the excellent job done on the gate for the old Brewery Vault of 1830

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