The Historic Brewery Wine Cellar Preservation & Pavilion Improvement Project:
The picnic shelter provides a starting point for all wetland programs.  Over recent years we have used it to host family picnics, give public presentations, stage school groups, present wetland information, conduct field surveys, provide shelter for the elderly and visitors with limited abilities, host weddings and other gatherings, provide a professional photography location, promote birding, hiking, canoeing for members, organize student volunteer projects, host fundraising events, music events, and a location for independent film crews twice. 

The open area of the picnic shelter is what we called the Patio.  The cement top of the patio was cracked and beginning to sink into the crawl space below.  The entire structure of the pavilion was shifting as the foundation sinks.  Most of the shelter was unusable, unsafe, and unsightly.   We now had a bold plan to demolish all the modern concrete to reveal what remains of the 1830 Brewery and modify the structure so we can interpret its long history.  The new pavilion and patio was completely modified to give visitors a beautiful place to gather and enjoy our little pocket of nature. Thank you for the grants, donations and volunteering to make it all possible.

Zoar Wetland our registered trade name we use to represent the wetland project.

Non-Profit Status
We are registered in the State of Ohio as a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.  We file an annual 990 Tax Return with the IRS and Ohio Attorney General and pay a filing fee each year to maintain our non-profit status. 

Public Accountability
We are a charity funded entirely by our generous donor contributions.  We have a responsibility to our supporters to operate using ethical business practices.  We respect the faith placed in us to use public contributions in support of our mission.

Board of Directors
Our non-profit organization is governed by all-volunteer non-salaried board of directors.  The people serving on the board actively support this program and routinely volunteer at many of our projects.  The board has the responsibility of ensuring that our organization stays focused on our mission, and that our business conduct is professional and thorough.  


We are a group of non-profit non-salaried volunteers who provide trails and improvements to the Zoar Wetland Arboretum that link to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. 

our RECENT history

Our programs and events are to promote nature, the love of the outdoors and the preservation of wildlife through sponsored family activities. 

Mission + Vision

1998 – Zoar Lake was purchased by a non-profit organization American Free Tree Program (AFTP).  Named it the Zoar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary.


2003 – AFTP officially changed its name to Earth Action Partnership.  Updated By-laws and drafted Conflict of Interest Policy.


2005 – Non-profit organization moved to the wetland.  Awarded $11,000 grant to begin the Trail of Trees Program.  2006  - Began demolition of EAP office and apartment.

2008 -  10 year anniversay of the Zoar Wetland Arboretum.  Opened Wildflower Loop Trail, finished the Memorial Tree Garden, and finished demo cleanup.

2015 - Zoar Wetland Pavilion and old Zoar Brewery Vault restoration was made possible from major grant funding from the Timken Foundation & other donations. 

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.




​​Discover a 1-1/2 mile self guided trail of trees that early Zoar settlers used 

​​BE A MEMBER in saving nature for future generations;  100% of contributions go to preservation and maintenance of wetland, woodland and wildlife

To interpret the history and natural features of the Zoar Wetland Arboretum through  recreation,  education, and to save nature's environment for future generations.

"We have made many trail and nature program improvements.   Zoar Wetland is a protected nature preserve to serve the community. Through generous donations, grants, and community volunteers, we are saving nature's environment for future generations.

​Thanks from the support of our nature lovers that’s made it all possible!"

Denny Lewton

Director, Zoar Wetlands Arboretum