Sunsets at Zoar Wetland Arboretum








Come Visit Us

The volunteers, donors, and Trustees of the Zoar Wetland have worked for 20+ years to improve the park for all of our visitors.  We know that having a place where one can connect to the sights and sounds of nature in their own neighborhood is important. 

A short walk on a shady trail

with birdsong is one of the simple  joys to lift the spirits.

The wetland is an easy drive from the communities of Dover/New Philadelphia, Bolivar, Zoar, and the Canton area.  Our trails are short and easy to walk for all ages and abilities.

Looking at Nature with Scientist's and Mathematician's Eyes:

​Ever wonder when the Japanese beetles will emerge to devour your prize raspberries?  When will dogwoods be in full bloom?   Why can't we watch the calendar to determine plant growth? By Using the Growing Degree Day (GDD),  we can predict the time that trees will begin budding, flowers will be in bloom, and insect pests will emerge no matter how early or late spring arrives.  

Visit the website for more information:   Check the GDD for your Ohio Zip Code


Have a lunch hour?  Come relax in the shelter or take a short walk.  
Want to finish that book? Bring a chair and relax undisturbed in the shade of trees.  

Need to train for a marathon? jog our wide trails.  

Need to entertain the kids for an afternoon? Bring a yard game or fishing poles and take your time.  

Need some quiet time to process a personal issue? step into the woods & relax on a trail bench to figure it out. 

Whatever your need you can come to the wetland and enjoy the beauty of nature close to home.

"To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles." ~ Mary Davis

Wetland open year round, dawn to dusk.  Please, no vehicles on trails and no overnight camping.

Please keep dogs leashed and clean up waste.​

Help keep the wetland clean for everyone, place litter in provided trash can.



​​BE A MEMBER in saving nature for future generations;  100% of contributions go to preservation and maintenance of wetland, woodland and wildlife

​​Discover a 1-1/2 mile self guided trail of trees that early Zoar settlers used 

Bird Enthusiasts come see our

166 bird species including Bald Eagles

The Zoar Wetland is located in northern Tuscarawas County near the historic Village of Zoar.  It is a natural wetland ecosystem with a 30-acre shallow marsh and 50 acres of woodland.  Our volunteers maintain two miles of trails and all other interpretive

features that are connected to  the Canal Towpath Trails.